64DECODE Error
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64DECODE Error


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VM:Secure for z/VM


I have downloaded a few PTF's for VMSECURE to update a VM system that was upgraded from 6.3 to 6.4 using the upgrade in place process.
I got the files on the system as filetype EXEC and then went to execute them so that they self extract, but I got the following error.
FPLREX040E REXX program 64DECODE not found.
FPLSCA003I ... Issued from stage 4 of pipeline 1.
FPLSCA001I ... Running "rexx 64DECODE".

I'm not familiar with this and not sure where to look.
Did using the upgrade in place miss something?
Any help would be appreciated. 


Component: VMX


Make sure you' are logged on to user ID VMANAGER which is the ID you must be on to apply service to any of the VM:Manager products.
The missing program, 64DECODE, is deployed to the VMANAGER Admin disk, typically VMANAGER 195 B disk.