PMRM Active User task detail task status WTMODE
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PMRM Active User task detail task status WTMODE


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PMRM Active User task detail (PF4) shows task status WTMODE.  What does this status mean?  Is there a list of task statuses and what they mean?


Release: All supported releases.
Component: Performance Monitor.


PMRM has HELP screens for each column in the display.

Type HELP on top line and put cursor on the Task Status column and hit Enter.

The list will show:

03 Help for Field - Task_Status 
This field lists the current status of the task. Possible values are: 

WAIT Currently in a wait state 
ROLL In the process of a user requested rollback 
A/ROLL Automatic recovery is in control after abort 
ABEND Abending no database recovery being done 
READY Ready to dispatch 
NEW Just created, never been dispatched 
STAE A STAE program is in control 
RUN Currently executing 
WTMODE Waiting on MPMODE in a multitasking system