Workstation GUI Screen Corruption
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Workstation GUI Screen Corruption


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


Experiencing big issues with DevTest Workstation GUI which is producing a lot of "glitches" which makes it unusable.

Relevant drivers have been updated on the computer and the issue still persists. Can you please advise?


All supported DevTest releases with a Windows 10 local display


The screen driver is not correctly rendering Java Swing/awt applications. This is a known problem with some 3d screen rendering engines 

3d screen management in Windows 10 is no longer selectable by the user, instead being managed by the operating system on an automatic basis. The usual resolution of disabling 3d rendering for Java applications is therefore not available. 


Since the latest driver did not improve matters, the Workstation application was started in compatibility mode which greatly improved performance. 

The following properties were also added to the vmoptions file for Workstation.