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Why are serial numbers for Cisco CatStack devices not being populated on the interfaces tab for modules in CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


Cisco CatStack devices are not having their serial number/s populated on the interfaces tab for modules. Why is this?


Spectrum 10.x


For all CatStack device types we certify, we will update ‘DeviceSerialAttr’ with OID attr (chassisId) which points to Serial Number of stack device in MIB.  

Spectrum will read this ‘DeviceSerialAttr’ to pull the serial Number. The DeviceSerialAttr is always being read on the Master Stack, so the modules are not checked individually.


If this attribute value does not exist, this means Spectrum doesn’t know the OID of the serial number.  In this case, it reads ‘Entity Physical Serial Number’ to get the Serial Number and updates the same to all Interfaces/Modules.

In this scenario all the interfaces are updated by the device Serial Number.