Newly Created Monitors are Not Seen in Custom Reports
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Newly Created Monitors are Not Seen in Custom Reports


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We have recently configured new monitors which are part of a scheduled custom report however, they never shown up in the scheduled report. 


ASM 10.0


The report was configured so that monitors with only tags set (Advanced -> Tags section of the Monitor configuration) would be considered. The newly configured monitor did not have those tags which is why it was not showing up in the report.

To include all Monitors by tag, you must select which tags you wish to include in the reports. 

Tags are text labels that can be assigned to any monitor.
  • A monitor can have any number of tags.
  • Same tags can be used for multiple monitors.
  • Tags can be used to organize your monitors regardless the folders the monitors are in.
  • Tags can be used to define log reports or graphs.

Enter any number of tags separated by spaces.