I would like to Create a Destination for a package ship
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I would like to Create a Destination for a package ship


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When you create "BUILD SHIPMENT REQUEST " you must include a destination.  The Destination will determine the transmission method, DSN Mapping and STAGING INFORMATION.




Login to Endevor then select option 4  "ENVIRONMENT" and then option D  "DESTINATION".

As this is a new Destination enter a new destination name beside "DESTINATION ===>" and enter option 2 (to Build).

-enter a value for DESCRIPTION. This is like a comment.

-"Ship complementary data sets" defaults to N. If set to Y the backout outputs also will be shipped.

-for TRANSMISSION METHOD enter a valid transmission method they are BDTN, BDT2, LOC, NVFTP, NWDM or XCOM

-next enter the Remote Nodename this indicates the site that the transmission method sends the outputs to. Note the default is blank.

-if required enter REMOTE IPNAME/IPPORT

-fill in the remote job card information

-fill in STAGING INFORMATION. You may be required to scroll down to see everything. This is staging information for both MVS and USS.


Press enter to create the Rule. 

Now you require Mapping rules. These will map from the outputs created in the package to the destination. So you can include and/or exclude files.


enter C to create a MVS mapping rule.

    -then enter the mapping rules description

    -enter the host and remote datasets. 

HOST DATA SET names must have the same number of qualifiers as their input production data sets. When the number of qualifiers is not the

same as the REMOTE DATA SET NAME, the following rules apply. If the number of host qualifiers is less than the remote it will replace the left qualifier of the host