What is the best practice for the UIM application when patching the back end SQL server


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All servers need to be update or patched or taken off line at time.
Below is information on what to do with the UIM application while this is happening
to allow for monitoring to continue.

While performing maintenance activity we need to have UIM servers down too.
Could you please tell me best practices to take UIM application and SQL servers down,
such as in which order need to be shut down and what application.services need to be taken down


UIM 9.0 and earlier
UMP 9.0 and earlier


If you are going to be doing maintenance on the SQL server
and this is going to take some time IE more than 30 minutes I would suggest the following

1) stop the robot watcher service on any and all UMP servers
2) stop the robot watcher service on any and all CABI servers
3) you can leave the primary hub up and running so that you will get alarm notification Via IM or emails.

When the database is restored then restart the primary.
When the primary is fully back up and the queues are all draining
then start the UMP(S) robot watchers services
and then the CABI robot watcher service.

if your database is going to be down for days you will need to manage the hub queues and delete data in the queues by emptying them on the hub GUI status screen or you risk filling up the drive and causing an application crash.

If you need to patch all of your UIM servers as well stop the services in this order
1) stop CABI server robot watcher service
2) stop the UMP(S) server robot watch services
3) stop the primary hub server robot watch service
4) patch your servers including the SQL server back end
5) make sure the sql server is back up and running
6) start the primary UIM server robot watcher service
7) when all probes are up and green with port and pid then start the robot service on the UMP(S) servers
8) start the robot watcher service on the CABI server.