Some users unable to customize a portlet
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Some users unable to customize a portlet


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


CA PPM custom portlets where users customize the columns, filters, etc. the "Configure" option under the portlet's Options menu may disappear. Using IE F12 developer tools you can restore the "Configure" option in PPM.


Component: PPMPRD


1. Use IE browser. 
2. Login to Clarity as a user who has the Configure Option, and navigate to the working Portlet then click the Configure icon to open up the modal dialog. 
3. Press F12 to bring up diagnostic/dev tools, click on Network tab, click on the ‘Play’ (green arrow) icon to start capture. 
4. In the UI go from the Layout tab of the configure dialog to General tab. 
5. In the F12 network window, right-click the row for the URL that was first requested and select Copy URL from the menu 
6. Change in the URL: 
7. Press F12 to stop / close the Dev tools window. Logout of Clarity. 
8. Now send this url to your problem user. 
9. Have that user close all IE windows and then open a new browser window 
10. Have the affected user paste the modified URL into the browser window and click the Enter key. 
11. When prompted for a login, the user should enter their credentials. This will now bring the user to the Configure:General page. 
12. Click on restore Defaults