Unable to login new login accounts created via Infra Manager to USM
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Unable to login new login accounts created via Infra Manager to USM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have created a new user in Infrastructure manager.
When I try to login to UMP the login fails.
I know the username and password I setup is correct and I have tried resetting the password.
How can I get this new user to login?


UIM 9.0 and easrlier
UMP 9.0 and earlier


Possible Cuases
1) user not saved to security.cfg
2) user ID in deactivated status in UMP.


There could be a couple of reasons you are having issues.
Possible solution 1:
The first is that when creating new IM users you are not existing out of the user screen before testing the login.

New users created in IM are stored in the security.cfg file.
The new users are not actually saved to this file until after you exist the user management screen.

if a user is created and login is attempted while the screen is still up the login will fail for ump.

Possible solution 2:
Another reason my be that the user was already setup in ump and then deactivated but not deleted.
  • login to UMP with administrator
  • go to the control panel
  • then go to users and organizations
  • click on search all users
  • click the advanced link
  • change the status to any status and check for the problem user
  • if it is there first deactivate the user then deplete the user

do not forget to go back and re-index as well
this can be done in server administration section
Re-index all search indexes.