Access Roles Sorting Alphabetically in CA Identity Portal User Console


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When a user opens the user console and selects the request access roles, the roles displayed in the Access Tree are randomly sorted.
Also, in the Portal Admin Console, while defining the Access Tree, there is no option to move a role up or down.

In CA Identity portal deployed on CA vApp 14.1.
Is there a way these can be shown alphabetically?
Is there any functionality to move them up or down? 


Idendity Portal 14.x and above


If the reference is to the "ROLES" tab then this is correct.
There is no option to change their order.
It is possible to change the order of the permissions and application in the Access CATALOG.
The order the administrator configured in the Admin UI is the order the user will see.
For each item, when selected, there are small arrows for up and down. Clicking them will move the item up or down the tree.