CA Vantage WEB UI from 12.6 to 14.0 VANWEBX Address Space
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CA Vantage WEB UI from 12.6 to 14.0 VANWEBX Address Space


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


CA Vantage™ Web Client is a web-based interface of CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager (CA Vantage).
CA Vantage provides centralized monitoring and policy-based automation.
Web Client provides a simple user interface to communicate with the CA Vantage host that runs in a network accessible LPAR. It provides an intuitive and interactive user experience with improved options and decreased maintenance requirements. The Client lets you install one instance in a workshop. Use the instance to manage multiple LPARs that have network connectivity through TCP/IP.

In CA Vantage WEB UI 12.6  there is and additional address space called VANWEBX that should be created and set up  to have the product working correctly. This task is no longer mentioned in CA Vantage WEB UI 14 documentation. Does this mean it is not required in the new release? 


Z/OS - CA Vantage - CA Vantage WEB UI 


The task VANWEBX was the graphical server for the old CA Vantage WEB UI Rel. 12.6. It was the charting utility started task used to create charts in the Web Client Rel. 12.6. 
 The new CA Vantage WEB UI 14.0 does not need it, so this task setup has been removed.