How can I run a RDP Application without using the PAM Client?


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It may happen that, for debugging purposes, we would need to test the sever part of the RDP defined applications.
A good way to check it, is running the RDP application using just MS Windows tools, leaving PAM apart of the picture.
This allows to discard PAM from the root cause, as it is not involved in the testing scenario.

How can I run a RDP Application without using the PAM Client?


Microsoft Windows Server environments (for the definition of the RemoteApps in the Remote Desktop Services' Collections)
A Windows computer (for running the RDP Client)


In order to access the RDP application defined in the Windows server without using PAM, just the windows environment, please follow the steps here below:
  • Open mstsc.exe, the Windows RDP application, from a workstation. Provide the IP Address of a windows server having an application defined as RDP Application.

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RDP Client
  • Click the 'Show Options' button and then, select the 'Programs' tab.

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  • Check 'Start the following program on connection' on and fill the 'Program Path and filename' and the 'Start in the following folder' entry fields. For instance "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" and "C:\Temp" (Make sure Firefox is published as RDP Application and C:\Temp exists in the Windows server).

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  • Click the 'Connect' button. The RDP Session should start and run the specified application. When the application is closed, in this case Firefox, the RDP session will terminate.


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