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I am trying to use SDGTW probe to integrate with service now since the version(istanbul) is not supported by sngtw. In the SDGTW there are two url which is mandatory. URL: Client URL: What is it mean? I have got only one one URL from servicenow team and used the same URL for both.When I tried to validate ,it says that validation failed.But with the same credentials, when I use the same URL in browser I am able to access it without any error. ERROR LOG: Exception in making the connection to MDR:JAVA.LANG.NullPointer.Exception

The Service Desk Gateway (sdgtw) probe acts as a gateway between the CA Unified Infrastructure Management and service desk applications. The probe generates an incident ticket in the service desk that is based on the CA UIM alarm. CA Normalization Integration Management Service Management (CA NIM SM) is used to create a connection between CA UIM and the following service desk applications, through the webservices exposed by these applications:

BMC Remedy IT Service Management
CA Cloud Service Management
CA Service Desk Manager
HP Service Manager
Salesforce (SFDC) Service Cloud
SAP Solution Manager

This document explains how to integrate SDGTW probe with ServiceNow service desk application


UIM 8.51
SDGTW 2.00
ServiceNow: Istanbul


) The SDGTW probe configuration is done through AC Configuration only

2) Open Configuration page for SDGTW probe and fill NAS, HUB and other mandatory details


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3) Expand 'Available Service Desks' in the LHP and select 'ServiceNow'

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Note: URL & Client URL should have valid ServiceNow instance URL as shown above

Note: If Proxy server is in place, please make sure to fill up "Proxy Server, Port, User & Password". In general, Proxy uses "https" protocol, if so, please change protocol value from "http" to "https"

4) Then click 'Validation' to validate the connection to ServiceNow instance

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5) If connection is successful, it shows below response

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Part 2:

1) You may configure Field Mapping to map the information from UIM alarm to service desk incident fields. 


The integration creates a Queue called “tickets” 

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2) Create an AO Profile in NAS Probe to raise Incidents in ServiceNow

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3) Once the Incident is created in ServiceNow, the Custom1 field is updated with Incident details

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4) The SN Incident in ServiceNow

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