What does 'needs cross-thread locking' mean in a hub log file?


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


The following message is found in the controller.log of a hub server:
Controller: nimSession:***:*:IP/PORT:IP/PORT - needs cross-thread locking 

What does needs cross-thread locking mean and should this be a reason to be concerned about?


Component: CAUIM


The message needs cross-thread locking is not an error, it is a benign message that you might see in hub/controller probe log of a certain log level and it is not indicative of any issues.

This is a debug message that indicates the session needs and will use cross-thread locking. There are some cases where the hub doesn’t need to lock the thread and so this was put in for debugging purposes. It is logged at level 3 (informational) and should have been logged at level 5 (debug).

These are not messages indicating an error or otherwise unexpected condition and can be ignored.