FDM for Lunix/unix platform
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FDM for Lunix/unix platform


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Does FDM support data masking from Unix or Linux platform? If yes, do we have installable for same?


Component: ITKOTD


   Yes, FDM supports masking on Linux environment. Please find the documentation to install FDM on LINUX: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/devops/test-data-management/4-10/installing/install-test-data-manager/install-product-components/install-fast-data-masker-on-linux.html
     If your Linux server has not enabled with GUI, alternatively, follow the below steps to execute on LINUX you will need an intermediate machine with a Windows OS (64-bit) to install FDM on it. A Java Runtime Environment (JRE 1.8) is required on both the platforms. Once FDM installed on Windows server, copy over the contents of the FDM installation folder along with all its subfolders to an appropriate location on your Linux/UNIX machine.
       For example, the default installation path on Windows is “C:\Program Files\Grid-Tools\FastDataMasker”. In this case you would copy the “FastDataMasker” folder and all its contents.
      Also, the mapper UI (GTMapper.exe) will not work on Linux/UNIX. You will however be able to run command-line FDM commands that follow this basic syntax: License to be copied on Linux at: $HOME/.CA/TDM/ Command to run the masking: java -jar Fastdatamasker.jar