CA UIM alerts are not showing in spectrum 10.2.2


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CA UIM alerts are not showing in spectrum Spectrum One Click catalina log is showing the alert.
We see an error:
Create-event has no Model Handles, filling UIM Event Admin model handle 


Spectrum 10.22 
UIM 8.51 SP1 
nas probe 8.42 
ems probe 9.01 
trellis 7.93 
spectrumgtw 8.64


1. Enable Restful Web Service and UIM integration debug on OneClick Admin console. 
2. Check the spectrumgtw.log from the UIM side and Spectrum catalina.out log to validate you can see the alarm is received and trying to publish on Spectrum. 
3. In this case, Spectrum was trying to raise the event on a incorrect UIM Event Admin model, model handle is 0x2031327. This model handle doesn't exist on OneClick console. And also the landscape which integrates with UIM is 0x3000000. 
4. Uncheck "Server Management" option on UIM integration page. Stop the Spectrum Tomcat server. 
5. Start the Spectrum Tomcat server and check "Server Management" option on UIM integration page. 

Now you should see the new alerts and models coming from UIM on Spectrum. 

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