Performance issue due to long running substitution variable
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Performance issue due to long running substitution variable


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Applications Manager uses the refresh thread for Substitution Variable resolution. This thread within the java RmiServer process is also responsible for:
  • Before conditions
  • Prompt evalutation
  • Job refresh/status updates
  • Predecessor testing
  • Virtual day purge
If a subvar takes a long time to resolve, it can halt all the above processing until the subvar is resolved. This behavior can appear as if the master no longer processing any Jobs.

Below is an example from the RmiServer<timestamp>.log (debug enabled) showing a subvar taking almost 15 minutes to return (elapsed ms):

rfp0: .DBAccess: getSqlData(): sID-null OAE_UC4 query elapsed ms 846050 rows


Component: APPMGR


Possible solutions are:
  • Avoid complicated sql in subvars
  • Move the sql within the subvar to a sql Job
  • Streamline the sql to return faster