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C1I0013E CAILMP Common Enforcement Software is not installed


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Right after the IPL, we had an Endevor failure. Our Endevor job ran right after the IPL and a service was not yet available. The message: C1I0013E CAILMP Common Enforcement Software is not installed. Subsequent runs of  Endevor jobs ran successfully. I would like to know what was not available  so we can adjust our automation.


Endevor base all versions


CAIRIM was not activated before the Endevor job was run.


 The error was because the CA Common Services task CAIRIM was not started yet. 

This is required for any CA product to run. 

CAIRIM is started in on of several ways. It can be as a started task CAIRIM or run under the subsystem CAMASTER or as a batch job. 

I recommend looking at your automation to see what method you use. This is the link to the doc that explains the methods in detail.


CAIRIM Operation