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Connector Server crashes when changing an endpoint's exchange server: Modification failed: Connector Server Modify failed: code 51 (BUSY): failed to modify entry


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


 The following error is observed when trying to update the Exchange server for an endpoint via Provisioning Manager.

:ETA_E_0007<MDI>, Active Directory Endpoint 'ADPROD' modification
failed: Connector Server Modify failed: code 51 (BUSY): failed to modify
dc=prod,dc=etacom: [email protected]: JMDI: Failed to activate
connector on proxy connector server: localhost:20402; socket closed

CCS connector server crashes and restarts.


Release: 14.x
Component: IDMGR


A crash dump indicates that the problem is residing in the RPC layer. It seems something is wrong with network/DNS . Hence, unable to connect to the RPC server.

ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0x6ba - The RPC server is unavailable.

EXCEPTION_CODE: (Win32) 0x6ba (1722) - The RPC server is unavailable.

02bdec58 7473fb4a 000006ba 00000001 00000000 KERNELBASE!RaiseException+0x48.....

This problem is happening while retrieving all domain controller server’s details from primary DC (DNS) by using RPC calls. This is used for failover purposes.


We can bypass this failure by using a configuration file which is located in
<PS_HOME>\data\ads\<directory-name>.DNS (NOTE: directory-name is same as endpoint name).

<directory-name>.DNS need to be configured with all available DC server details - the order of the servers in the list is important therefore the DCs which are likely to be used (DC as well as Exchange servers) should be listed first.