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SM 17.1 Installer is not able to have catalog registered in EEM


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We ran the 17.1 upgrade on our Service Catalog server. it got through a couple of the steps but failed on the EEM integration step. Our EEM is on a different server. EEM 12.6 with TLS 1.2  before upgrade .

The upgrade fails right at the beginning of connecting to EEM and the view.log shows:

018/05/24 WARN [main] [CmdLineUtility] Command terminated with exit code: 3 2018/05/24 WARN [main] [SecurityDeployer] The application name Service Catalog doesn't exist or might have unconfigured. Hence, no need to upgrade any data. 2018/05/24 INFO [main] [SecurityDeployer] Creating the application... 2018/05/24 INFO [main] [CmdLineUtility] Command process started: E:/CA/Service Catalog/bin/safex/safex.exe in directory E:\CA\Service Catalog\bin\safex 2018/05/24 WARN [main] [CmdLineUtility] Command terminated with exit code: 3 2018/05/24 ERROR [main] [CmdDeploymentManager] Deployment of the module 'eem' failed After the failure: The and viewservice.conf values are wiped out and we cannot run the catalog setup utility even if we correct them (don't know if this is related).

1. for 17.1 ,  Service Management  17.1 installer is NOT able to have catalog registered into EEM when EEM’s tls 1.2 is enabled .
2. for 17.1 ,  catalog setup utility is NOT able to have catalog registered into EEM when EEM’s tls 1.2 is enabled . 

It is a bug and will be addressed in 17.2 


Service Catalog   17.1 with TLS 1.2 


In order to have catalog 17.1  registered into EEM during installation or upgrade ,  you will make sure to have EEM's TLS 1.2 disabled first .    

1.  on EEM server ,   back  out  EEM 12.6 ‘s tls 1.2 setting  in igateway.conf  ( if you have EEM's TLS 1.2 setting enabled before ) ,  recycle  igateway service . 

2.  on catalog server ,  kick off  SM 17.1 installer   to upgrade catalog 14.1  to 17.1    .  SM 17.1 installer  will be  able to have   catalog 17.1 registered  into EEM  . 

3.   After installation/upgrade finishes successfully ,  you can enable TLS 1.2  on both Service Catalog side  and EEM side  by following the documentation :


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