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Unable to edit a value for an attribute in CA PPM


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Unable to edit a value for a field in CA PPM. The field is read only. 

Example: Unable to change Requisition Status from 'New' to 'Open'.


Component: PPMSTU


This can happen if the field is set as "Enter Once" which means once a value is inputted for the field, it can't be changed. If this is the cause you will see an image next to the field that is either a green arrow next to the field or a green box with a white arrow. Screen shot below with icon circled in blue:

<Please see attached file for image>

Enter Once Example


Uncheck 'Enter Once' for the impacted field in PPM->Administration->Objects-><Object Name>->Views->Fields
Example, to fix this issue for the Status field on the Edit Requisition page:

1. In PPM, go to Objects->Requisitions->Views 
2. Click the Fields link next to View: Edit Requisition 
3. Click the Properties icon next to Status 
4. Uncheck the check box next to 'Enter Once' 
5. Click 'Save and Return' 
Note: After making this change, users with the appropriate access should then be able to edit the value. Example: The above change will enable any user with Project - Create/Edit Requisitions access to the project to be able to update the status. 


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