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DUAS 6: Insert Return code child uprocs cannot been moved in the session


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Since Design > Job Design> Sessions, a session can be created with different levels:
-Right click in the option Add: Here you will be able to add Insert Return code child uproc type.
-Once the uproc added in the session, right click in the uproc and try to use the Move option.
- The option Move is greyed out.
However the uprocs of type Normal Child can be moved (upwards, downwards, towards the left ..etc)


Dollar.Universe 6.9.41 or above
Unix and Windows


By default,  this is a normal behaviour.
The following has been added in the documentation:
Session - Tree section.
A branch can be moved only in relation to another branch of the same type at the same level. A grayed-out option means that it is not available: the branch must be removed  and recreated.