Replacing SMTP alerts with CSSMTP
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Replacing SMTP alerts with CSSMTP


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I'm working on replacing SMTPD with the recommended direction to IBM CSSMTP.
Initially when I generated a test email alert I got this - GSVX998E (CAPTURE.GSVVCAPI) SMTP002E Failed to connect to server port 25 RC=0000000C
This was the IP and PORT that SMPTD used after I made this change - BROWSE your_hlq.SYSVIEW.R15.CNM4BPRM(OPTIONS)
Command ===> *SMTP-Hostname SMTP-Hostname SMTP-Port 25
The alert comes through but does not appear to be going through CSSMTP.
Is there possibly anything else that would need to change?
I have a batch job that generates an email and I can see that going through CSSMTP in its logfile with level=31


Component: SYSVW


Essentially SYSVIEW is an SMTP client application that generates email, in the same way that SMTPD or CSSMTP are client applications that generate email. SYSVIEW has no real reliance on the SMTPD or CSSMTP NJE Mail Gateway on a z/OS system. 

This IBM doc says in z/OS 2.2 and lower the local SMTPD NJE Mail Gateway contained Listener support, which could be used for forwarding mail to other destinations: 

It sounds like your original OPTIONS parmlib definitions of:had it going to SMTPD, making use of the SMTP server function in SMTPD which then forwarded it on. 

As hinted at in the above link, and stated in the following link, CSSMTP does not contain this server function and does not provide SMTP listener support: 

In the end the SYSVIEW OPTIONS parms must point to a valid mail server reachable from the local system, which sounds like what you've changed it to be now.
But even before there was no SYSVIEW requirement for it to be where SMTPD was listening. 

Additional Information

You can verify the server information by issuing the SENDMAIL command from a SYSVIEW session.
Upon completion of the SENDMAIL command enter the SYSVIEW command LISTLOG.
If you page over to the right under the Heading Data, it should show you the TCP connection such as: 

TCP$031I Connection established. Socket 0 IPV4 Remote port 25 Remote address example_MAIL.COM 
TCP$055I Socket 0 IPV4 Local port 11914 Local address 

Is it connecting to the one that you think/want it too?