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CA PPM Oracle Table Analyze Job vs. Oracle Stats


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After running Oracle Stats, we noticed that we are getting Paging space IR’s indicating usage >80%.  We found that the Oracle process was holding onto the paging memory and we are unable to release the duplicate paging memory from the OS side.  After bouncing oracle, it seems to have settled down, and is holding steady for the time being around 25%.  We would like to know the difference between the CA PPM Oracle Table Analyze job and running Oracle Stats, and if that could have an impact on this issue.


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Oracle DBMS


Running Oracle Stats, which gathers histogram stats, will cause I/O consumption and use of paging memory to rise. The CA PPM Oracle Table Analyze job does not gather the histogram stats, and thus does not cause any performance issues. CA recommends using the CA PPM Oracle Table Analyze job for that reason.