CA Spectrum OneClick as CA PC data source
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CA Spectrum OneClick as CA PC data source


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Spectrum supports a fault tolerant configuration which allows the entire spectrum env to fail over to a secondary env in case of problems.

CAPC allows you to add data sources for information, and Spectrum is one of these data sources.

I have a client who is using 1 OneClick server in Primary site and another at Secondary Site. My primary Oneclick has been configured as DataSource in CAPC. Now my question is if my primary site goes down, then how this integration will be handled within CAPC. Do I need to manually add another DataSource (my secondary Oneclick) in CAPC? How integration between CA Spectrum and CAPC is handled during failover scenarios?


CAPM 3.x


The short answer is we don’t support Spectrum failover as a data source. CAPC cannot switch data sources if one is unavailable, and you can only add one Spectrum data source.

if you must maintain the connection between Spectrum and CAPC, you can manually delete the spectrum data source, wait until it disappears from the list, then add the new OneClick host, but be aware this will trigger a global synch and may have an impact on performance.

Additional Information

From Spectrum 10.4.2, when DX NetOps Spectrum is set up in FT mode, and the primary host fails, DX NetOps Spectrum runs on the secondary host.

In such a situation only events are pulled from DX Performance Management to DX NetOps Spectrum. However, inventory sync is not supported.