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[AWA] Windows agent generated crash and mdmp file


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


A Windows agent crashed where there was no trace of why it crashed.
A crash_xxxx.log and a crash_xxxx.mdmp files created


  • On the services.msc, two service manger could be found but only one binary of service manger was installed on the server
The issue can be reproduced by:
  • Install a new instance of service manager base on the same binary & ini config (just different phrase)
  • Start the agent using newly installed service manager -> dump files created
  • Dump was created due to unable to start another instance of windows agent with the same log settings -> Memory dump created by Windows due to unable for a process to write on a protected file (the latest log that was currently written by running agent)


Windows agent


  • Please remove one duplicated service manger and remember to stop running processes before starting/restarting the new service manager.