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Jobs abort after deploying submission account with different author code


Article ID: 105749


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Customer deploys a package containing a Submission Account used by many Tasks from a v5 node in order to change the Author Code to ensure compatibility with v5 nodes.
After the modification of the Submission Account author code, all Jobs using that Account abort with error "user not defined" and Tasks continue to generate launches with old author code.



Release: ADUASU99000-6.9-Automic Dollar Universe-AS - UNIX


Author code is a critical element of the product and must not be modified unless completely necessary following the procedure indicated in the Resolution.


In order to fix the issue, you should:
1. Update all Tasks so that the new Author Code is written in the u_fmta60.dta file:
uxupd tsk tsk=* 
uxupd tsk tsk=* ses=* 

2. New Launches should include the correct Author Code.
3. In order to relaunch old Jobs that Aborted, you can create in the node a "dummy" submission account pointing to the old Author Code ( in case you don't know it check the u_fmsb60.dta file) .

In order to do so, launch the command:
uxadd user user=dummy sysuser=XXX code=XXX 
4. After doing Relaunch in the Job, you should be able to change the Submission Account to the correct one.