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extra set of listener when bootstrapping bundle


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


I have created a bootstrap bundle that contains HTTP listen ports and I can auto-provision-a-migration-bundle. But the instead of doing what the doc says, it created my set of listener as well as keeping the default ones of 9443, 8443, 2124, 8080 From the doc "If you create a bootstrap bundle that contains HTTP listen ports, the default HTTP listen ports (2124, 8080, 8443 and 9443) will not be created. It is assumed that you will be using the specified HTTP ports and not the default ones." 1. I have tried bootstrapping the node + license first then bootstrapping the migration bundle - same extra set of listener 2. I have tried bootstrapping the node + license and the migration bundle at the same time - same extra set of listener.


API Gateway 9.3 Docker container.


The behaviour has been fixed for 9.3CR3 to be more consistent and be consistent with the documentation.
Fix number DE366357.

Additional Information

Workaround :

A workaround for this behaviour is to use a "Delete" mapping action. 
Please see included bundle file for an example.


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