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How to promote user as flow admin.

Flow-level administration

By default, all flow members can edit flow settings, people and integrations. This allows flexible use of flows for all of your organization's purposes.

When flow-level administration mode is activated, only flow admins can add or remove flow members, manage integrations and modify flow settings (eg. open or invite-only).

Flow-level administration mode is active. Flow creators become the initial flow admins. Flow admins can promote existing flow members to flow admins.



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Below are the steps:
1. Click on the 3 dot right of your flow.
2. From the dropdown list, click "Settings"

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3. By default, the setting page goes to "Privacy and settings" tab, scroll down the page to ensure the promote user already in the "Flow members" list.
4. Click "Flow admins" tab, type the user's name in the search bar. The system should able to locate the user you want.
5. Move the mouse to the username, the button "Promote to flow admin" will appear. Click it, the user will become a flow admin.

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