Can Future Transactions be posted to the WIP?
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Can Future Transactions be posted to the WIP?


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  • We are importing Non Labor Resource Actuals via XOG Transactions to Clarity PPM. 
  • The transactions with future accounting dates did not post to projects.
  • Can the Transaction with future date be Posted to WIP and if so when will they post?


Component: Clarity Financial Management
Release: All Supported Releases


You can post future transactions through to WIP and to do so these 4 jobs needs to be executed in the below order.

  • Note: If you want to wait to post the transactions until the future date is reached (example July 10, 2023):
    • Leave the dates blank in step 2.
    • They will automatically be posted once you Post to WIP and run through the remaining jobs on or after July 10, 2023

1) Post Transactions to Financial job:

  • This job verifies and transfers data from the Transaction Import tables to the Financial Management tables.
  • This data could be the result of posted timesheets, or transactions that are imported from external systems.

2) Post Transactions to Work-in Progress (Post To WIP) job: 

  • Transactions available for posting to WIP are not automatically displayed.
  • You must first search for the transactions they want to post to WIP.
  • Note:
    • If you do not enter any dates (start date or end date), all available transactions from any past date are pulled up to the current (today’s) date.
    • So, to post any available transactions with a future date you must specify an end date, example below: 

3) Import Financial Actuals job:

  • This job updates task assignments with the actuals entered in financial transactions and WIP adjustments.
  • The assignment ETC is decremented through the transaction entry date (as in a Fixed Loading Pattern).
  • ETC in the future is not decremented even if the actual amount is greater than the ETC amount for the period being posted.

4) Investment Allocations job:

  • This job updates the ETCSUM and EACSUM fields for investments and bases its calculations on the resources that are allocated to the investment.
  • The job calculates the sum of the ETC values for all the assignments for the investment and stores the value in the ETCSUM field.
  • The job also calculates the sum of the EAC values for all the investment assignments and stores the value in the EACSUM field.
  • In addition, this job updates the total actuals for an investment.