Unified Reporter Installation failure
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Unified Reporter Installation failure


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I am doing Unified Reporter 8.5.1 installation.
I am still getting the same installation failure even through leaving the error popup open,
deployed wasp_unified_reports_license package, then continued with [Retry] in the popup.

=== Error during install ===========================

Error distributing repository to UnifiedReporter.
Would you like to retry the current phase ?



UIM 8.5.1
Microsoft SQL Server as UIM database.
Unified Reporter 8.5.1


Here are some known patterns (other than license issue) where the problem is seen.
Please take a look at Resolution step by step.



If your Unified Reporter wasp probe only listens to https, this problem will happen
regardless of new installation, upgrade or re-installation.

Please try the below steps.

1. Interrupt the installation by [Cancel Install] and exit.
2. Take backup of wasp.cfg for Unified Reporter wasp probe.
3. Open wasp probe in Raw Configure.
4. Remove "https_port" key from <setup> section.
5. Add "http_port" key with a value in <setup> section.
6. Run the installation with "Use an existing schema / catalog" selected.
7. When the installation get the same error, keep the error popup open,
deploy wasp_unified_reports_license package, and continue with [Retry] in the popup.

After installation is finished, open wasp probe in Raw Configure.
You can revert the change back to restore the original configuration.


If you were using recursive schedule (for example, every day) reporting in the previous or current version of Unified Reporter,
this problem will happen during an upgrade or re-installation of Unified Reporter.
In this situation, there are no rows exist in [JIRole] table when you get the error.

Please try the below steps.

1. Keep the error popup open, and deploy wasp_unified_reports_license package.
2. Open <UIM>/UnifiedReporter/MSSQL/js-pro-data.sql
3. Copy all the lines for [JIRole] schema creation
4. Open SQL Management Studio, select UR database, paste all lines, execute to recreate JIRole schema.
5. Open WASP probe GUI and deactivate / activate "jasperserver-pro" webapp
6. Continue installation with [Retry] in the popup.