Is it necessary for Dollar U temp folder world writable
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Is it necessary for Dollar U temp folder world writable


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Dollar U temp folder is world writable after fresh installation. This fails in some security guidelines.
Why world writable is required? if this is not required then can customer remediate?

/opt/apps/du/UNINODE/temp. [root@HOSTNAME~]# ls -ld
/opt/apps/du/UNINODE/temp drwxrwxrwx 2 duadmin duadmin 6 Jun 13 10:48



Component: ADLRUN


It is necessary to keep the UNI_DIR_ROOT/temp folder rights to 777.

Dollar Universe submits jobs for several users, that may be in different User Group than the company owner/administrator.
Thus, it needs execute and write rights on temp to do this - for those users.

A customer may decide to restrict UNI_DIR_ROOT/temp folder rights, probably to 770, if he doesn't need a submission from a user that does not belong to the correct group.
But that won't be supported and may generate issues.

Additional Information

Permission for all the files which are set during the installation of Dollar Universe should not be changed also.