Is it necessary for Dollar U temp folder world writable


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Dollar U temp folder is world writable after fresh installation. This fails in some security guidelines.
Why world writable is required? if this is not required then can customer remediate?
/opt/apps/du/UNINODE/temp. [[email protected] ~]# ls -ld
/opt/apps/du/UNINODE/temp drwxrwxrwx 2 duadmin duadmin 6 Jun 13 10:48



Component: ADLRUN


It is necessary to keep the UNI_DIR_ROOT/temp folder rights to 777.

Dollar Universe submits jobs for several users, that may be in different User Group than the company owner/administrator.
Thus, it needs execute and write rights on temp to do this - for those users.

A customer may decide to restrict UNI_DIR_ROOT/temp folder rights, probably to 770, if he doesn't need a submission from a user that does not belong to the correct group.
But that won't be supported and may generate issues.