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Is there a way to Remove the Create Button in PPM Requisitions?


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When creating a requisition, there are two options 'Create' and 'Create and Open'. Is there a way to remove the 'Create' button so that only the 'Create and Open' button displays in CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)? 


Component: PPMSTU


Unfortunately, the Create button is not able to be removed. The Create and Create and Open buttons perform two different functions. Create allows you to add/edit more details in the requisition process whereas Create and Open does not allow this as this function is used as a shortcut when details don't need to be edited. Below highlights the differences as referenced in the documentation found at: Fill Resource Requisitions

Create: Create the requisition and set its status to New. This way, you can edit the requisitions to add additional information not carried over from the staffing requirement. Also, you can change the default values, such as the due date or the amount requisitioned, by opening the requisitions manually. 

Create and Open: Create the requisition and set its status to Open. This way, you can quickly submit all your requisitions when you do not need to edit any of the details. The details are already defined in the staffing requirement. After a requisition is submitted, the resource manager is notified through email and can act on the requisition. Create and Open is also used in the unbook process.