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VMWARE Guest Summary dashboard does not populate reliably


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Vmware guest Summary dashboard doesn't appear to populate reliably  on a UIM system with Oracle backend.  The chart sometimes displays data and other times shows 0 rows.  Sometimes sorting the columns causes data to pop back in, other times it only comes back after refreshing the page, or navigating away from the page and back in, but it will eventually disappear again.



UIM 8.51 or prior
Oracle 11g or 12c backend database


Due to a case sensitivity issue in Oracle, the vmware guest summary dashboard does not populate reliably.

Navigate to List Designer, and open Unified Dashboards->VMWare->VMWare Guest Summary.

You will note that the first column for hosts contains:

where probe is vmware
and target is Powerstate

This should be "PowerState" with a capital S in order to allow this to populate reliably on Oracle systems.

To work around this issue and correct the dashboard, follow these steps:

1. deactivate wasp probe on UMP server
2. Navigate to the following folder on the UMP server:
3. in this folder, there is a file called "vmware.lists" -- take a backup of this file just in case, and then open it with Notepad or similar text editor.
4. Search for "Powerstate" in the file, making sure to check the "Match case" option in the search dialog.  You will find only one instance of "Powerstate" in this file with several other references to "PowerState" so make sure to locate the lowercase "s" version.
5. Change "Powerstate" to "PowerState" and save the file.
6. Activate wasp.