CDM probe Subsystem ID
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CDM probe Subsystem ID


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are using cdm v6.30 for Windows and UNIX servers. In the probe no subsystem ID is mentioned for CPU, Memory and Disk parameters. Also, if any subsystem ID is mentioned, then it is for Windows and 3.3.3 for UNIX servers. Because of this we are having issues with alert routing to the concerned team.


Release: UIM 20.3/20.4
Component: CDM 6.30


- manual add/modify of subsystem IDs


The subsystem info is listed in the nas under the Subsystems Tab.

There are no issues with regards to subsystem ids, e.g., in the cdm probe subsystem ids for all the specified components (cpu, disk and memory), are specified in the source code itself, although it is not visible in the cdm.cfg file or the Probe gui. As I mentioned, the cdm probe uses exactly the same subsystem ids as listed in the nas gui.

#define SUBSYS_HOST "1.1.1"
#define SUBSYS_DISK ""
#define SUBSYS_MEMORY ""
#define SUBSYS_CPU ""
#define SUBSYS_IOSTAT ""

Also, by default, the cdm probe does not specify any subsystem id like 3.x or as mentioned, in fact there is no 3.x.x.x value whatsoever, so it must have been manually added/modified at some point in the past.

In order to be sure, check the listed subsystems in the cdm.cfx file present in the probe directory (not the cfg file) because in the cdm.cfx file, all the default values provided by the probe should be present.

Also, for the parameters for which subsystem id is NOT present in the GUI, the corresponding subsystem ids are used internally in the probe as mentioned above for CPU DISK and MEMORY.


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