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UIM cluster and ntservices probes configuration


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How are the cluster and ntservices probes configured for monitoring cluster services. 


Component: UIMNSV


The cluster probe will activate/deactivate monitoring profiles in the NimBUS probes so they always run where the configured Resource group is running. 

The first thing you must do is to configure all the probes to monitor the cluster services that you need to monitor, then you must add a reference to those configurations in the Cluster Probe GUI. 

The cluster probe only reflects the cluster configuration, you can not configure or change the cluster in any way. 

This is how you configure the probe: 
1- Install the NimBUS robot on all cluster nodes 
2- Install cluster probe on all cluster nodes 
3- Configure the cluster probe on active node in cluster 
4- Install all NimBUS probes that you need on all the cluster nodes e.g cdm, ntservice etc 
5- Configure the NimBUS probes (cdm,ntservices,processes,...) to monitor the services on the node that the Resource group is running 

Example configuring ntservices in a 2 node cluster: Cluster1 has 2 nodes (Node1 and Node2) and has 1 resource group (ResourcGroup1) 
1- Find out which node has control of ResourceGroup1 (Node2, for example) 
2- If Node2 has control of ResourceGroup1, open the 'ntservices' probe on Node2 
3- Setup the ntservices probe as desired 
4- Open up the 'cluster' probe on Node2 
5- Add a new monitoring profile to ResourceGroup1 (right-click on the group and choose 'New') 
6- Set the probe to 'ntservices' and highlight the appropriate profile, then click <OK> 

The profile from Node2 will be saved by the 'cluster' probe. 
The next time control of ResourceGroup1 is moved to Node1, the cluster probe will automatically update the 'ntservices' probe running on that node with the saved profile.