The 0x5b80008 event code is not clearing the 0x5b80007 cause code alarm in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


The 0x5b80008 event code is not clearing the alarm generated by 0x5b80007 event code.


The entityName variable has a different value when the event is generate to assert an alarm and to clear it. Those values are coming from the device via SNMP trap.
That is the reason the 0x5b80008 event is not clearing the alarm asserted by 0x5b80007 event code. The Event Variable Discriminator entityName does not match.

Event Type: 0x5b80007 - entityName = server_vip_NSSVC_HTTP_10.17.151.135:80(LB_VS_TEST1_ABC23)_DOWN 
Event Type: 0x5b80008 - entityName = server_vip_NSSVC_HTTP_10.17.151.135:80(LB_VS_TEST1_ABC23)_UP 

Event Type: 0x5b80007 - entityName = server_serviceGroup_NSSVC_HTTP_10.54.8.4:80(LB_SG_TEST_1_ABC47)_DOWN 
Event Type: 0x5b80008 - entityName = server_serviceGroup_NSSVC_HTTP_10.54.8.4:80(LB_SG_TEST_1_ABC47)_UP 


CA Spectrum 10.x


The following event procedure will wipe out the last portion of the variable such as _DOWN OR _UP:

0x5b80007 E 50 P "CreateEventWithVariables({C CURRENT_MODEL},{H 0xfff00000},SetEventVariable(GetEventVariableList(),{U 1},GetRegexp(GetEventVariable({U 1}),{S \"(.*)_\"},{U 1})))" 
0x5b80008 E 50 P "CreateEventWithVariables({C CURRENT_MODEL},{H 0xfff00001},SetEventVariable(GetEventVariableList(),{U 1},GetRegexp(GetEventVariable({U 1}),{S \"(.*)_\"},{U 1})))" 
0xfff00000 E 0 A 1,0x5b80007,1 
0xfff00001 E 0 C 0x5b80007,1

Additional Information

Please reference the "Event Configuration" section of the documentation for more information.