Upgrade Checkinstall fails on check-lang-locale-setting.xml
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Upgrade Checkinstall fails on check-lang-locale-setting.xml


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


You are running Upgrade checkinstall and getting the error:

6/28/18 3:58 PM (Echo) script name = check-lang-locale-setting.xml
6/28/18 3:58 PM (Echo) check.result = ERROR
6/28/18 3:58 PM (Target) Target "_output-log-info" started.
6/28/18 3:58 PM (Target) Target "_output-log-info" finished.

No explicit error in the install.log


Release: Any


  • Please check your checkinstall folder in $install/checkinstall and open the $install\checkinstall\check-logs\precheck-results.html.
  • Check the ERROR result for check-lang-locale-setting.xml. Most likely the 'admin' user is set to have a different language from English - you will have the exact error message there
  • If the issue is with the language, please reset the admin's user language to English and start the upgrade again.
  • After upgrade you can then reset the language back, but for the upgrade it is required