Sysload: How to install or update an agent
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Sysload: How to install or update an agent


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CA Automic Sysload


Depending on the type of installation (first install, upgrade, patch...) that you want to perform, you must use different arguments when you launch the Sysload Agent's setup.


Sysload Agents on Linux / Unix or Windows


  • Unix / Linux: [[email protected] kit]# ./setup -task <argument>
  • Windows: setup.exe -task <argument>

The summary of setup arguments is shown in the table below. This section details the different actions that the setup program can engage.
The "-task" argument is mandatory.
-task installRequired to Initially install product.
-task upgradefrom5.1xUpgrades an Agent from a version preceding 5.20.
-task installupgradeIf an existing installation of a previous version exists, it will be upgraded. If not, the task proceeds with a new installation.
-task patchInstalls a product over an existing installation (same version but higher build number).
-task repairReinstalls an existing version in order to repair it.
-task uninstallUninstalls a Sysload product. The command should be run from the directory of the product to be uninstalled.

Additional Information

For more details please refer the General setup (Command Mode) documentation page.