comstore.enc file too big (>6 MB) on Domain Manager
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comstore.enc file too big (>6 MB) on Domain Manager


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On Domain or Enterprise Manager the file DSM\Agent\CCNF\comstore.enc could become too big (size > 6MB).
This could cause timeout problem when plugins request information from comstore.

Possible Symptom seen : A lot of process sd_apisrv.exe created taking a lot of CPU (plugins sdmgr_api_*)
A normal size for a comstore.enc file on a Domain Manager is between 3.5 and 6 MBytes.
How to decrease the size of this file ?
Example :
On this DOMAIN Manager the size of file C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\Agent\CCNF\comstore.enc is big : 6399 KBytes

The cause of big comstore is that it stores the log settings for a lot of APISERVER.
Examples :
This command line returns all APISERVER log settings stored in comstore
cftrace -c list | find /I "USD_APISERVER_"

Following command returns the number of APISERVER found in comstore :
cftrace -c list | find /C /I "USD_APISERVER_"
835 found in this example :


Client Automation - All Versions


The solution is to purge comstore from APISERVER log settings and keep only the last 10.
1- On Domain or Enterprise Manager, copy the attached file clean_apiserver.dms in a temp directory (eg: c:\temp)
2- Open a Command Prompt with Administrator rights and execute this :
cd /D c:\temp
start /wait dmscript.exe clean_apiserver.dms


This command could take 2 or 3 minutes
It generates a log clean_apiserver.log under DSM\logs

3- After a while (15 minutes or more) the size of file DSM\Agent\CCNF\comstore.enc  should decrease around 4 MBytes

Additional Information

This script could also be executed via an Asset Job linked to Domain Manager with a scheduling to run only once a Month.

1- Create an Asset Job of type Script :

2- Give it a name (ex: Clean API Server)

3- Copy/Paste the content of file clean_apiserver.dms :


4- In Scheduling options put "Run only once a Month"

In Miscellaneous tab, check "This job is allowed to run unattended" :

5- Then link this job to the DOMAIN Manager :


1676992990546__clean_apiserver.dms get_app