Unable to start a new collector- getting BND7080E message
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Unable to start a new collector- getting BND7080E message


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We only have 7 of the available 10 collectors active. When we try to start a new collector, we are receiving a "BND7080E (collector) cannot start - already 10 collectors running".


If a CA Bundl collector abends or gets canceled for some reason, the information being stored in the DPMFBSF file for the collectors may be compromised leaving Bundl think that the collector is still active.


Component: BUNDL


When this condition occurs, your first course of action would be to try and end the collectors by accessing the CA BUNDL "Collector and Page Data Files Screen" via option 6.3 from the administrative panel and try ending ALL of the collectors being shown on this screen by typing a 'Y' next to them in the SHUTDOWN column and pressing enter. Or, by running your regular C50J026/PGM=DPMB062 job.


If you have some collectors that still won't restart and receive the BND7080E message, then your second course of action would be stop all of the active collectors again and, with all of the collectors down and the CA LSERV task that services the CA Bundl files ACTIVE, try running the CC50J030/PGM=DPMB030 job. This job is designed to clear the active task names out of the DPMFBSF file. When the CC50J030 job completes, try restarting the collectors again.


If for some reason you still receive the BND7080E message after executing the CC50J030 job, then your final course of action will be to initialize this particular CA Bundl systems DPMFBSF file as follows: 


A. After a "successful completion" of your end of day (EOD) process and before doing anything else with CA Bundl... 

B. All Bundl collectors should still be down and there should be no CA Bundl batch process started or running... 

C. Shutdown the CA LSERV task that services these CA Bundl files. 

D. Run BACKUPS including a backup of the DPMDBSF file just in case. 

E. Run a copy of the PPOPTION library job CC50J99T/PGM=DPMB099 after modifying both steps of the job to reference ONLY the DPMFBSF file. 


   1. Modify PGM=IDCAMS step to point to BSF initialization member: 



   2. Modify PGM=DPMB099 step to only include the //DPMFBSF file by removing the "DD DUMMY" reference from the JCL on this statement only : 



F. Restart the CA LSERV task and make sure that the new DPMFBSF file receives a "LDM0503I DPMFBSF  successfully added" message. 

G. Restart the collectors.


You should be able to restart ALL 10 collectors after initializing the DPMFBSF file.