Cannot select sysout - Receiving "Invalid Sysout ID" message
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Cannot select sysout - Receiving "Invalid Sysout ID" message


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A user cannot enter information in the SYSOUT ID field in CA View even though valid SYSOUT ID selection criteria has been entered. They receive an "Invalid Sysout ID" message in the upper right corner of their screen. 

Rather then an extended period of information gathering to identify a cause for the user to be receiving the error, you might want to consider expediting a resolution for them by deleting their ID from the DEF USER panel and re-adding them. A typical cause for this problem is if something "invalid" was saved in their profile. Deleting their ID and re-adding it will create a new profile for them. And this usually resolves the problem. 


Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO


To DELETE and RE-ADD their ID, have the CA VIEW administrator... 


- Access the DEF USER screen and make a note of ALL the information defined for the user. Consider taking screen prints of their current definitions. And don't forget to scroll to the right to see the DISTID related fields and capture them also. 

- Once you have the information for them, to delete their ID, just type a 'D' in the SEL column next to their ID and hit enter. 

- Have the problem user LOGOFF of VIEW. And then have them log back on. 

- Upon logging back on, a new profile and DEF USER record will be created for them. But be aware that CA VIEW will assign "DEFAULT values" in the definition fields. 

- The CA VIEW Administrator must then go back to the DEF USER screen and make the necessary adjustments to the users DEF USER record by tabbing to each of the fields to the right of that users ID and over typing the appropriate fields with the appropriate values.