How to change application name in EEM
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How to change application name in EEM


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There are some cases where you may need to modify the name of an existing Process Automation registered application in EEM. 

This document will describe all the necessary steps.


This document has specific commands for a Windows environment, but the steps will be the same for an EEM server installed in a Linux environment.


If you do not need to preserve anything specific in the Process Automation registered application, then you can simply unregister that application and run the installation for Process Automation and register a new application.

If however you do need to retain data from this registered application, you will need to do the following. Please note a reinstall of the Process Automation application is still required, there are just a lot more steps before that. 

Make sure to stop the Process Automation orchestrator service first. 

1. Log into EEM to the Process Automation applicaiton as EiamAdmin 

2. Select the configure tab, select EEM Server from the bread crumb links under the tabs, then on the left select Export Application 

3. In the frame on the right, uncheck everything in the left column - all the Global objects. The only things selected should be the objects listed here: 

User Groups
Application Objects

4. Click the Export button. This will create an archive file named Process Automation.xml.gz 

5. Log out and log back in to the Global application as EiamAdmin 

6. Select the configure tab and then on in the left menu select Process Automation 

7. On the far right click the unregister button, and then OK if you get a pop up, to remove the application from EEM. 

8. Log on to the EEM server and move the exported .gz file to this server. 

9. Extract the .gz file and you will have an .xml file named Process Automation.xml 

10. Copy this file to the /bin folder here: 

C:\Program Files\CA\SC\EmbeddedEntitlementsManager\bin 

11. Open the .xml file with a text editor. Line 5 has the application name, such as: 

<ApplicationInstance name="Process Automation" label="Process Automation"> 

Change the applicaiton name and label to your new name, such as 

<ApplicationInstance name="Process Automation TEST" label="Process Automation TEST"> 

Save the file and rename it to ProcessAutomationTEST.xml. 

12. Open an elevated command prompt and navigate to the same \bin folder 

C:\Program Files\CA\SC\EmbeddedEntitlementsManager\bin and run the following command:

safex.exe -h localhost -u EiamAdmin -p EiamAdminPassword -f ProcessAutomationTEST.xml


Make sure you use the correct EiamAdmin password in the command above. This will create the Process Automation application with the information you had previously. 

Next, run the reinstall of Process Automation so that the certificate can properly be reset, and the file gets properly updated. 

When you get to the EEM registration page, check the button to register the application and make sure to change the Application Name to Process Automation TEST... Or whatever name you have decided to use. 

Complete the reinstall, and before starting Process Automation make sure to refresh the EEM UI browser page. 

You should now see Process Automation TEST and no longer see Process Automation. 

Make sure you can log in to this registered application as the EiamAdmin user and verify that everything looks as it should. 

Now start up the Process Automation orchestrator service and you and your users should be able to log in just as before.