RA FTP Agent not appearing in Agent List
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RA FTP Agent not appearing in Agent List


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The FTP Agent is not visible in the Client 0 Agent list.
The agent is up and running and can be seen via the Serice Manager GUI.
FTP job associated with the agent could run successfully although any attempt to modify the attribute or creating a new job with the agent was not successful due to not able to select agent (when select the host in the FTP job - the FTP agent name no longer appears and no jobs can be created against it because it is not a known agent/host).


Automation Engine 10.0.4


For some reason, the GUI does not recognize the agent object for that agent.


  • Go to Java UI, client 0
  • Delete the current entry of the RA agent (host)
  • Re-create a new RA FTP agent with the exact same name (you will see a blank placeholder appear in System Overview > Agents)
  • Stop and restart the RA FTP agent and it will automatically match itself to the placeholder and will be visible again.

Additional Information

The solution is similar to creating new agent entry, please see following documentation for more details

Installing/Upgrading the FTP agent