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Rest Web Service ERROR Cannot execute query


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When running a Rest WebService job in Automic, the job fails with the following error in the job report:

Error from the execution of the query: ERROR Cannot execute query.
An error occured - processing the response query
Response query parse error: There was an error executing the query to retrieve variables from the response.
Error from the execution of the query:
ERROR Cannot execute query. 


Release: AOMWSA99000-4.X-Automic Operations Manager-Web Services Base-Pack Agent (Incl. 5


The Rest job's response is trying to reference a variable that was never received from the request. 


The issue is that in the job is receiving only VAL1 and trying to use VAL1 and VAL2 in the response, when VAL2 was not in the job's request. The design solution is as follows:

- Have JOB1 request VAL1 and use only VAL1 in the response.
- Create a secondary job, JOB2, that uses VAL1 and VAL2. The job will request VAL2 and use VAL1 and VAL2 in the response.
- Set up a workflow to pass VAL1 a variable from JOB1 to JOB2