How To update the Identity Portal 'Symantec' logo.
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How To update the Identity Portal 'Symantec' logo.


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This document shows how to update the Portal logo, which by default shows 'Symantec | Identity Portal'


Vapp 14.4, 14.5


To update the logo with Company specific Branding, log into the Portal Management Console, select Branding from the top menu. 
Select the View, Desktop, Mobile, or public, and click on 'Logo' 


Click the Browse button, then Upload File; browse to your Logo and once uploaded make sure the bullet is in the desired image:

Adjust the Height and Width values as needed to correctly position the new Logo:



Once completed and Saved, end users will now see 'Company Logo' when they log into the Portal User interface:



Please Note:

You cannot update the Symantec Logo in the Admin interface, that will remain 'Symantec | Identity Portal' even after this change. 
You cannot update the small Symantec check box in the Hamburger Menu:

Both of these are being reviewed for future releases. 

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