How to delete the Pingable device
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How to delete the Pingable device


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Question: Can I delete Pingable device from the CA Performance Center GUI?

By default, when DataAggregator discovers subnet or IP range, Pingable devices will be discovered for ICMP devices.

Sometimes, customers do not need to monitor Pingable devices and would like to delete them after discovery.   

However CA Performance Center - Monitored Devices - Search function does not handle by Device Type such as "Pingable" keyword. Therefore, items can't be deleted via GUI. 


CAPM / CAPC: 3.1




(1) How to delete the Pingable devices. 

At beginning, get the Pingable device item_id by following method. 


Note: Please modify the following DAHOST as your Data Aggregator hostname.

REST: POST to http://DAHOST:8581/rest/devices/filtered 

Additional Header: Content-Type: application/xm


<FilterSelect xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="filter.xsd"><Filter><And><Device.SupportedProtocols 

type="EQUAL">ICMP</Device.SupportedProtocols><And><Not><Device.SupportedProtocols type="EQUAL">SNMP</Device.SupportedProtocols></Not><Not><Item.Name 

type="CONTAINS">DataAggregator:</Item.Name></Not></And></And></Filter><Select use="exclude" isa="include"/></FilterSelect> 


Next, create text file which list item_id from REST result: (In this case, text file called FILE is created) 

 ?# more FILE 





Finally, run following script in Data Aggregator server.  

Note: Please modify the following DAHOST as your Data Aggregator hostname.

??for itemid in `cat FILE` 

?? do 

??? curl -X DELETE -H "Content-Type: application/xml" http://DAHOST:8581/rest/devices/$itemid -f 

????? echo “item id=“$itemid 

?? done 

 (Sample result)

Note: The script is saved as "" in this case. 

??# chmod 755 

??# ./ 

??SUCCESS“item id=“4282 

??SUCCESS“item id=“4283 

??SUCCESS“item id=“4284 

??SUCCESS“item id=“4285


(2) You can exclude Pingable device at the discovering phase.

If you don't want to discover the Pingable device, uncheck the "Create Pingables" in the Discover Profile. 

This change skip the Pingable devices at discovery, so you don't need delete them. 




Additional Information

There is a CA Community Idea to add removing Pingable device function via GUI.