Enabling JasperReport and MSSQL Enforce Encryption communication
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Enabling JasperReport and MSSQL Enforce Encryption communication


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For performances it is assumed JasperReport Server and its Database Server are both installed on same machine.

However in environment where both are remote, it could be inquired to secure communication between JasperReport Server and its MSSQL Database by implementing SSL / Enforce Encryption.

JasperReport Server is based on Jaspersoft 6.2.0 Third-Party Software, CA Technologies provides following information only as guidance and it is recommended to involve Jaspersoft support for further details and troubles to implement this feature.


Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.8-Identity Manager-B to B


A/ Enable MSSQL SSL for JasperReports 

To use the MSSQL Enforce Encryption option, the JDBC url for JasperReports needs to be edited 


1. Stop TomCat

2. Go to D:\Program Files\Tomcat 8.0\webapps\jasperserver-pro\META-INF 

3. Create a backup of context.xml 

4. Edit context.xml 

5. Look for the JDBC url for resource jdbc/jasperserve 

6. At the end of the url add ;EncryptionMethod=SSL;ValidateServerCertificate=false 

7. Save the file 

8. Turn on Enforce Encryption on the MS SQL Database 

9. Restart the SQL Instance 

10. Start Tomcat 


B/ Enable MSSQL SSL on Reports JDBC Data sources 

1. Edit the JDBC Data sources within the JasperReports Portal 

2. Logon to JasperReport using SuperUser 

3. Go to Data Sources -> View List 

You will see a list of data sources. 

4. Right click IMReportsDS and click on edit 

5. Click Test Connection on the bottom 

You should see an SSL error 

6. At the end of the url add ;EncryptionMethod=SSL;ValidateServerCertificate=false 

7. Click Test Connection 

8. Click Save twice