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Which database table has Time Entry Option 'Copy time entries from previous timesheet'


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'Copy time entries from previous timesheet' is a Time Entry option, and is found by selecting a timesheet, then click on the Configure option.
'Copy time entries from previous timesheet' allows the new timesheet to be populated with the task entries from the previous timesheet. 

Need to determine how many users have checked the "Copy time entries from previous timesheet" option in their Timesheet configuration. 



PPM OnPremise


Table CMN_OPTIONS has the Timesheet options.  Their option codes are as follows: 
- NKT.GEN.AUTOPOPULATE:  Populate Assigned Tasks
- NKT.GEN.AUTOPOPULATE_TASKS:  Copy time entries from previous timesheet 
- NKT.GEN.AUTOPOPULATE_VALUES: Include actuals from previous time

Table CMN_OPTION_VALUES holds the results, and the USER_ID from the CMN_SEC_USERS table.

Query statements:
1. select * from cmn_options where OPTION_CODE = 'NKT.GEN.AUTOPOPULATE_TASKS'
returns an option ID of 5001110 

2. select * from cmn_option_values where OPTION_ID = 5001110 
returns list of USER_ID that has this option enabled (value 'true') 

3.  select * from cmn_sec_users WHERE ID = [user_id value from above query] 
returns the USER_NAME


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