Panvalet PIE member versions
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Panvalet PIE member versions


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After deleting all members with status PIE (PROD, Inactive, Enabled) from a PANLIB was asked later if it was possible to keep 3-4 of the last PIE versions in the PANLIB library. Is this possible?


Release:  14.6 
Component:   Panvalet


No. Panvalet does not have version nor archive capability.

Once a member is deleted from the Panvalet PANLIB library it is gone.
The only way to retrieve/restore a member with status of PIE is from the backup Protection file.

It is highly recommend to perform a ++DUMP on a regular daily or weekly schedule.

If a library is accidentally destroyed or a member is deleted, it can quickly be recovered by restoring the library or member from the latest backup Protection file with the ++RESTORE command.

For more information on reinstating a Panvalet member, see Panvalet TechDocs:  PAN#2 Special Functions